‘How To’ Videos

How to Maintain a Pumpout Station

Aimed at service technicians, this video contains all six chapters in the series on how to maintain a pumpout station, which boaters use to dispose of onboard sewage.

The video contains the following:

— Chapter 1: An introduction to the features of a peristaltic pumpout station (starts at 0:00)

— Chapter 2: Weekly maintenance tasks (starts at 1:50)

— Chapter 3: Quarterly maintenance tasks (starts at 4:35)

— Chapter 4: Annual maintenance tasks (starts at 7:15)

— Chapter 5: Winterizing a station (starts at 8:44)

— Chapter 6: Troubleshooting common issues (starts at 10:03)

Filmed and edited by: Oregon Sea Grant videographer Vanessa Cholewczynski in partnership with the Oregon State Marine Board and Oregon Sea Grant Extension’s boating outreach coordinator, Jenny East.

Funding provided by: the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Clean Vessel Act grant program.

Music by: Rick Cooper, Oregon Sea Grant.